Climate change and agriculture

For over six years, I have been advising small farmers, businesses and organisations in developing strategies and implementing solutions for climate change adaptation, helping those affected to efficiently deal with the risks related to evolving climatic conditions. I have previously had extensive experiences in the Latin American coffee sector and the East African tea sector concerning these issues.

Methods | Climate risk management (MRO©lima), participative climate and risk assessments, development of climate adaptation strategies, emission reduction schemes, training sessions on these topics

Development partnerships between public and private entities

I have supported the planning, implementation and evaluation processes of public-private partnerships since the beginning of my professional career, mainly focussing on the areas of sustainable use of resources, as well as environment, water, energy and education.

Methods | Planning, support and monitoring of projects, evaluation and project design missions, documentation and creating publications detailing results and impacts

Cooperation between public and private sector

I provide conceptual and organisational support for the creation and the implementation of platforms and partnerships between different political and economic actors, as well as civil society organisations, currently dealing with issues on vocational training, increase of agricultural productivity and food security.

Methods | Concept development and evaluation of potentials, process and dialogue moderation