MRO©lima – Climate risk and opportunity management

The MRO©lima methodology supports people and organisations in identifying local climate-related and other environmental risks, analysing vulnerabilities and developing solutions through a participative approach. The implementation of MRO©lima helps those affected to protect themselves from negative impacts to their economic income and standard of living, as well as the local infrastructure that supports them, caused by climate events, changes in temperatures or distorted rain seasons.

The affected population is encouraged to develop their own solutions and to seize potential opportunities

MRO©lima‘s starting point is always the people’s actual situation, analysing alongside those affected their specific problems and risks, as well as the potential damages and individual reasons for why their plantations, settlements and properties are affected by these risks. Starting from this analysis of their actual vulnerability to climate-related and other environmental risks, the methodology encourages those affected to understand the situation for themselves, identifying risks and developing solutions on their own.

Attracting partners to move things along

The solutions developed through MRO©lima are thus based on the practical experiences of the affected population and the traditional knowledge provided by the people. They constitute the basis of the process as a whole, while having access to scientific and technical data provided in cooperation with public, private and civil society institutions. Through the formation of partnerships, these institutions and experts provide the necessary support to those affected in order to plan and implement concrete solutions and to measure their success and impact.

Assistance and training on the application of MRO©lima

The MRO©lima methodology was designed together with my partner Kerstin Linne from Green Line Consulting. The development of the toolbox was built around our own experiences with climate change adaptation measures in the agriculture and forestry sectors. The MRO©lima methodology is based on the ROA (Risk and Opportunity Assessment) analysis process, which was developed and tested during our involvement in the AdapCC project (development partnership between Cafédirect plc. and GIZ). Both Kerstin and I offer assistance and training on the application of MRO©lima. For further information, please visit our MRO© website, (only available in Spanish).