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As an independent consultant, I support people and organisations in planning and implementing development projects, as well as measuring and divulging their achievements and impacts. I am highly committed to sustainable change and development, promoting the creation of platforms for partnerships between different actors from both the development policy and private sectors. The thematic focus points of my consulting services are:

  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Sustainable use of resources and environment
  • Fostering creativity in children and adolescents, as well as vocational training

My cultural and regional expertise has been shaped by various professional experiences in developing countries, particularly in Central America and East Africa. I am a graduate in business administration and hold a Master’s degree in environmental sciences. Between 2003 and 2010, I was employed by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ, previously known as GTZ), first working with the bureau for partnerships with the private sector and then with the department for agriculture, fisheries and food. I have worked as an independent consultant since 2011, carrying out consultancies for German development organizations and private companies.

These are the main driving forces behind my work ethics:

  • Empathy | identifying and understanding other people’s thoughts, emotions, interests and personalities
  • Creativity | encouraging people to identify their own strengths, develop solutions and seize opportunities
  • Dialogue | communicating with others and taking into account their points of view, shaping development processes through mutual cooperation
  • Opportunity | identifying challenges not as problems but as opportunities
  • Detail | understanding complex issues logically and in respect to practice
  • Quality | engaging tasks with all of one’s skills and means
  • Flexibility | having the courage to respect other opinions and adapting to changes